January 14, 2015

Performex® Launches Zenith Emerging Leader Program

Leadership Development Firm Launches New Program for New and Emerging Leaders

November 6, 2014, Irvine, CA – Performex®, LLC announces the launch of a new program designed to help individual contributors become engaging and inspiring leaders. “In today’s business environment it’s imperative for new leaders to quickly inspire and engage their team. The Zenith Emerging Leader Program enables new leaders to make the transition from individual contributor roles by gaining strong leadership fundamentals and self-awareness of their personality traits, leadership strengths and challenges,” says Eric Bruce, President and CEO of Performex®. The six-month Zenith program (pronounced with a soft ‘e’ like zen) builds the communication, accountability and engagement skills needed for successful leaders today. “We used a bit of a play on words naming the program ‘Zen’-ith to emphasize that participants must become enlightened and gain personal insight of the requirements for successful leaders. New leaders must recognize that the behaviors and skills that got them into the role aren’t necessarily what will make them successful or get them to the next leadership role. They need to adopt new behaviors and often let go of some of the work that made them successful as professionals and individual contributors,” says Kristi Tjo, Vice President of Instructional Design and Client Services.

COO John Bruce adds, “The Zenith Program fills a critical gap in our leadership program portfolio. Our Summit Excellence Program has been around for over 35 years helping established leaders reach higher levels of impact and success. A few years ago we launched our Pinnacle program which is designed exclusively for senior executives but we were missing the program for the emerging leaders. Zenith fills that void and ensures that new leaders get off to a successful start in their leadership journey. We now have a consistent approach our clients can use through the entire span of a leader’s career by meeting the changing requirements in each stage.” All of the Performex® programs are based on emotional intelligence fundamentals introduced through immersion workshops with personality and performance assessments and reinforced for 6 to 12 months with executive coaching focused on development plans established in the workshops.

“All three of our programs will be available as in-house or open-enrollment programs in 2015 at our Orange County, CA or Atlanta, GA locations,” added Bruce.

About Performex, Inc.

Performex® is a full service provider of talent management and talent development services especially skilled at transforming technical specialists, engineers and other subject matter experts into business leaders. Performex® offers comprehensive solutions that provide immediate tangible results to address the professional development needs of industries and companies that rely heavily on deep intellectual expertise as a source of competitive advantage. Performex's understanding and experience in serving this unique market is unparalleled.


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