October 30, 2015

The War for Technical Talent: IT Recruitment By the Numbers

In today's war for technical talent, innovation-driven companies are seeking solutions for employee engagement and talent management. This month, we dive into the data behind the IT recruitment  market and the roles that employee engagement and leadership development play in hiring and retaining top IT teams.

While most organizations recognize the importance of engaging, inspiring and developing their teams, few have developed strategies for these crucial initiatives. For more than 45 years, Performex has had one focus — transforming technical professionals and managers into real leaders. While most leadership programs utilize a one size fits all approach, our proprietary program is tailored specifically to your employee needs.

By coupling cutting edge leadership and managerial instruction with the latest executive learning technology, our battle-tested approach consistently delivers best-in-class results. Our success rate for turning managers into superior leaders is 3 times that of our competition, and that of organizations with their own in-house development programs.

Contact us to discuss our open enrollment Summit Excellence Program and custom in-house workshops.

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