August 25, 2014

Performex® celebrates 35 Years of the “Summit Excellence Program” at the September 23, 2014 workshop in Irvine, CA

Performex, LLC announces plans to celebrate the 35 year anniversary of the acclaimed 12 month program during the upcoming Summit Excellence Program on September 23-25, 2014. “We are delighted to celebrate 35 years of conducting the Summit Excellence Program during an actual workshop. About two thousand people have completed the program and when you think about the impact it made on their businesses, teams, co-workers and families, it really is a cause for celebration. We plan on doing some special things for the participants to recognize this important milestone in the company’s history” said Eric J. Bruce, CEO of Performex LLC.

The Summit Excellence Program is the core leadership development program for the company. It is an intensive 12 month program that starts with a three day immersion workshop with 360 degree feedback, a personality assessment, instruction on key leadership skills, coaching exercises and simulations. Each participant emerges from the workshop with at least 2 focused development areas they focus on for the next year with a Performex® executive coach. A second mid-term workshop offers additional assessments and content. The program concludes with a final 360 feedback assessment to measure the progress made by the participant and coach.

John Bruce, COO of Performex LLC shared, “In 1979, Doug Fletcher, Ralph Bettman, and Mac Barnum conducted the initial PEP (Performance Excellence Program) that would become today’s Summit program. Soon afterwards, Doug Fletcher became the principle of Performex and successfully built and guided the company for next 30 years. He remains a dear friend of the company.” John continued, “While the program has changed over the years with technology, etc. we stayed true to its basic concepts and core values. We are committed to helping technical specialists and other professionals from legal, financial, engineering, HR, IT and sales backgrounds successfully lead and develop teams. When we purchased the company from Doug in 2011 He stressed two things ‘People from technical and professional backgrounds are delightful to work with because they are bright and eager to learn’. In addition, there is a real need: these individuals often need help shifting from doing the work themselves to communicating, delegating, developing teams and leading others.’ We’ve continued that philosophy – it’s where we excel and what were known for!”

The Summit Excellence Program is being held at Webster University in Irvine, CA on September 23-25. Limited spots are available and information is available at or the contact information below.

About Performex, Inc.

Performex is a full service provider of talent management and talent development services especially skilled at transforming technical specialists, engineers and other subject matter experts into business leaders. Performex offers comprehensive solutions that provide immediate tangible results to address the professional development needs of industries and companies that rely heavily on deep intellectual expertise as a source of competitive advantage. Performex's understanding and experience in serving this unique market is unparalleled.


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