August 08, 2016

Link The Vision And Mission Of The Company To The Need For Continued Development

Creating a Culture of Coaching: Step 2

This week we continue to present the building blocks for organizations to create a "Culture of Coaching.” Last week we discussed the importance of building a strong case for coaching at all levels, and this week’s focus is on linking strategy to the need for development.

We define a culture of coaching as an environment where coaching is integral to the company’s DNA. Cultures of Coaching are agile, have high retention rates and create a superior workforce expertly crafted to meet the company's mission statements.

Many organizations implement short-lived coaching initiatives which only yield a few managers who dedicate sufficient time and have the required skills to be effective at coaching. Creating an organization-wide culture of coaching can double the number of employees deemed as "high potential", drive measurable gains in engagement, and create robust succession plans.

Coaching: Make it Your Mission and Vision

For an organization to successfully create a culture of coaching, the need for development initiatives must be expressly linked to obtainment of the company's vision and mission. Working with high performing innovation-driven organizations across the country, we have found the most successful organizations do a great job developing and articulating values, skills and behaviors essential to the firm's long-term success. This practice, which is part of an overall people strategy, sets the stage for each manager accepting his/her role as a coach and all employees understanding they too will be coached.

As a best practice, in addition to an organization-wide mission and vision, each major function, region or division creates its own vision and mission statement. Doing so creates an even stronger link to the company’s strategic plan and the need for coaching.

Developing functional or regional vision and mission statements may sound like a daunting, time-consuming, or expensive task. In reality, these statements can be developed quickly through efficient exercises that also build teamwork. Furthermore, by spelling out exactly where a team wants to go and what their role is serves to create commitment.

Speed to execution and getting early, tangible results is key to the success of any people strategy especially when it comes to the rollout of values, behaviors and coaching. While we often partner with leadership teams that lack a comprehensive people strategy, we also help firms that have gotten stuck trying to define their values and target behaviors. In either case, the Senior Leadership team, line and staff managers all need to see some early tangible benefits to their efforts in order to remain committed to supporting the effort.

Coaching Methodology for Highly Performing Innovation-Driven Organizations

Highly performing, innovation-driven organizations require coaching programs specifically crafted to meet the needs of their large populations of technical employees. Engineers, IT professionals, and R&D scientists respond best to a coaching methodology and learning approach that plays to their strengths: affinity for science, comfort working with processes, and intellectual rigor. We've worked with many a company that rolled universal coaching programs that did not take the differences in ability, position, or aptitude. Our coaching methodology accounts for these capabilities, and specifically targets the performance and development of technical organizations.

Communication: Grow Awareness of the Need for Coaching

To ensure successful and lasting cultural change, it is imperative to develop a communication plan that stresses the importance of coaching and the linkage of coaching to the obtainment of the company's and each individual's career goals.

Have a communication plan that demonstrates the ways coaching plus on-the-job experience can unlock the stretch potential of employees. Stress the ways coaching can be enjoyable and rewarding, and in the long term benefit of each employee. Have Sr. Leaders convey stories linking the coaching they received throughout their careers to their ultimate success.

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Are you seeking to develop a people plan, or implement a culture of coaching? Do you need to create organizational values and expected behaviors that link your company's vision? Do you need to unlock the capabilities and foster greater innovation of your technical staff?

Leveraging 40 years of experience and a proven approach to building a “Culture of Coaching,” we will ensure your shift to a Culture of Coaching is a success. Contact our team today to speak with a development expert.

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