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5 Employee Engagement Ideas: Building Emotional Connections

September 28, 2015

Research has shown that 75-85% of people who leave their jobs do so because they feel that their managers and organizations do not value, or build relationships with, them. For leaders, building emotional connections with their teams is key to...

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Key Employee Engagement Activities: Celebrating Small Wins

September 02, 2015

While lofty, long-term goals are inarguably key to an organization's strategic direction, setting incremental goals and celebrating small wins are essential employee engagement activities. Whether you aim to increase revenue by $10 million,...

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Employee Performance: How to "Move the Middle" With or Without Annual Reviews

August 05, 2015

It seems every week another company makes news by announcing it is abandoning the traditional annual performance review. The trend has become so popular that numerous consulting firms have started offering their services to help organizations with...

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Do Your Employees Have The Sunday Night Blues?

April 16, 2015

When Sunday rolls around, how do your team members feel knowing they will be working for your leaders that week?

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The Importance of Delegation: Doing it All Yourself Doesn't Work

March 18, 2015

In our workshops over the past 40 years, managers have discussed the challenges of trying to do more with less. They talk about the difficulties of managing time due to budget cuts, restructuring, information overload, and leading a...

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Leadership Coaching: Making the Most of Coachable Moments

March 10, 2015

A lot of us, especially those from a technical or professional background, prefer leadership skills to be presented as a process with a distinct set of steps from beginning to end. We pride ourselves in being good managers of time and work hard...

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Empathetic Communication: A Key Leader Skill

March 09, 2015

According to Daniel Goleman, the five components of emotional intelligenceare self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, social skills and empathy. Research typically confirms that empathy is a key factor in effectively influencing and leading...

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Inspirational Leadership Development Strategies

March 05, 2015

In a recent Zenger/Folkman study, 50,000 leaders were assessed by their colleagues. The study findings indicated that one (1) leadership competency among the sixteen (16) measured separated the most effective leaders from average or ineffective...

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Coaching Feedback Tips: Using Truth Talk

March 05, 2015

Coaches and managers often have the difficult task of confronting coaching participants and direct reports with things that are not easy to hear. At Performex®, we understand that communicating the “unvarnished truth” through coaching feedback is...

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3 Ways to Promote Active Learning through Effective Coaching Questions

March 05, 2015

At Performex®, we believe successful coaching emphasizes active and experiential learning. This means as a coach, we need to avoid rescuing a participant with a prescribed answer, and instead help them to practice problem solving and reflection...

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